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Bamscombe Haute

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Bamscombe Haute

Post  burch555 on Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:24 am

Bamscombe Haute

Bamscombe Haute, Marlborough Rogers, Mr. John, Titbury RendalJ, Thomas, Esq., Milston Raxworthy, Mr. William, Upton Lacell Rooke, Henry, Esq., Doumton Salmon, William, Esq., Devize Sheppard Mr. John H., Swindon Saunders, A. E. Esq., Market Lacington Still, James C. Esq., East Knoyle SWayne, T. Esq. Steeple Longford Seagrim, William, Esq., Wilton Swayne, John, Esq., Steeple Longford Sheppard, Mr. James, Burcombe Sutton, James, Esq., Stdisbury T«og«od, Rev. Dr., Milston Tylee, John, Esq., Devisee Thring, William, Esq., Wilton Temple, William, Esq., Bishopstrow Tylee, Thomas, Esq., Demes Tuckey, Mr. Richard, Haydon Trenchard, Rev. Dr., Stanton House Tucker, Mr. Richard, Tilshead Wyndham, William, Esq., Dinton Warrener, G., Esq., Salisbury Wells, Mr. James, AWburne Wyndham, Wadham, Esq., Salisbury Ward, John, Esq., Market Lexington Webster, Rev. Mr., Codford St, Mary Whitmarsh, R. P. Esq., Wilton Washbourn, T. E. Esq., Maxtdngford Williams, J. jun. Esq., Badgn Whitchurch, S. Esq., Tory Burch Outlet Salisbury Yetbury, J. W. Esq., Belcomb Brook, near Bradford Young, John, Esq., Chirton To the Printers of the Salisbury and Winchester Journal. GENTLEMEN/ WHEN Mr. Benett first offered himself as a Candidate to represent this county, some peculiar circumstances induced me to inform him of the injurious reports concerning his re ligious principles. To which I received a very satisfactory reply, both as to his own faith and his liberality towards that of others. , The following words are part of Mr. Benett's answer. " I believe in God and in his revealed Will, and endeavour to make that will the rule of my faith and practice." " As a Pro• testant Christian in a Protestant Country I mil AVer uphold the. Right of Conscience and religious Liberty to all" The present malicious propagation of those reports calls for this justice from me. Devizes, June IS, 1818. C. LUCAS. Jo the Freeholders of the County of Witts. GENTLEMEN, , , I WAS last week induced to present to you my view of the. pretensions of the Candidates for the county, solely by its. appearing to me that one of them (Mr. Benett) had been most unfairly treated by a host of public writers, whose pens must, surely have been hired, as the Candidate whpm they recoup mended could not have been known to them, even personally, before the commencement of the present contest; and these prudent scribblers bad carefully abstained from all discussion upon his public character and upon his merits as a represent tative for this county,—points which in fact were all wc had to consider. They only way I can . account for bur total iff norancc of how Mr. Wellesley has voted in Parliament is, that the newspapers have Tory Burch Shoes not room for lists1 of those vast majorities which vote away the public money, and which but too often abridge the freedom of Englishmen. He may cer-tainly possess those virtues which adorn and endear a man in private life; his partisans on the present occasion say he does, and I am willing to concede that point to them Tory Burch Flats .


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