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Post  danfudf on Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:02 pm

And the heavenly host joined in solemn adoration, worship, and thanksgiving to God, for the manifestation of his great power." And the nations were angry," that they should be disturbed in their settlements; and angry, because they had, at the expense of justice and equity, and at the risk of public tranquillity, nourished those false prophets, who had cried, "Peace, peace," because they put into their mouths; and because they had smitten, rejected, and oppressed the Lord's messengers, who had faithfully warned them in his name, that the Lord would certainly arise, to overthrow the whole kingdom of antichrist; and that all those governments and establishments that supported it, must necessarily fall in its destruction."And the time of the dead, that they should be judged, is come." That the eyes of mankind should be opened to see the dead state of the Beats By Dre soul, until it is quickened by a divine principle; and that all the religious exercises performed in the strength of the natural abilities, however devoutly and zealously accomplished, are in themselves dead, and therefore offensive to God. Having this perception, they Dr Dre Headphones will be enabled to judge who have, and who have not, been his true followers."And the time is come that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets;", in manifesting the truth and certainty of their mission, by bringing to pass the things which they declared at thy word. "And to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great." Although they had been abused and despised for bearing the cross of Christ, and preferring the fear of God to the favour of men, they will now be esteemed and respected for their sincerity; whilst those that "corrupt the earth," by committing fbrnication with the rulers and governors thereof, will be cast down and destroyed."And the temple of God was opened in heaven;" it will be evident to pious, religious people, in general, that only the regenerate, the pure in heart, are the true spiritual worshippers of God; that they are his temple, in which is "the ark of his testament'his divine law written, and his will manifested; as the law of Moses was written and deposited in the ark outwardly, the type. "And. there were lightnings" contending of passions: " and voices"sentiments Of parties exciting to action: "and thunderings"awful visitations, by fires, and famines, and such like solemn appearances of the pouring down of the Almighty's judgments: "and Beats By Dr Dre an earthquake"a revolution; "and great hail"a great mortality by pestilential disorders.


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