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am clearly tiffany&co of opinion tha

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am clearly tiffany&co of opinion tha

Post  bokencn on Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:56 am

am clearly tiffany&co of opinion tha

notwithstanding the difference in their appearance, they are really accessory leaves; first, because occasionally they are tiffany rings transformed into leaves, as in Rosa bracteata, in which I have seen them converted into pinnated leaves ; secondly, because they are often undistinguishable from leaves, of which they obviously perform all the functions, as tiffany in the Lathyrus, Lotus, and many other Leguminosde; and, finally, because there are cases in which tiffany co buds develope in their axils, as in Salix, a property peculiar to leaves and their modifications." 121.
The Bracts or Bractea, the next part to be considered, are those (usually) leaflike appendage^ which are situated between the properleaves and the flowering bud of a plant. They are very generally smaller than the leaves, and
tiffany outlet also differ from them in their outline, colour, &c. In some plants they are so like to the segments of the calyx, that it is not easy to distinguish between the two. This resemblance is very great in the Camelia. In umbelliferous and compound plants, the bracts and bractlets obtain the names of involucra palms, and the glumes of grasses.
scales of catkins, the spathae of
We see, therefore, that the appendage, to which the general name of bract has been given, assumes a muintude of different forms and characters; but in spite of this, all the best botanists of the present day regard them asbract or involucre; so also are the mere modifications of the proper leaves. That such is their true nature is apparent from their assuming in some plants as in many of the varieties of the rose, the exact appearance of the
tiffany jewellery leaves. It has been thought by some that bracts may be distinguished from proper leaves by their not producing buds in their axils; but Dr. Lindley has clearly shewn the tiffany and co outlet inaccuracy of this objection, by reference to a multitude of examples in which genuine buds are formed in the axils of bracts, as tiffany sale well as of leaves.


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